Navan Ford Centre's Tyre deparment offers you wide range of budget mid range and premium tyres. We also stock wide range of a

How to find the right tyres for your Ford

Navan Ford stock a full range of tyres to suit all makes and models of cars, vans and 4x4. We will check and advise you on the condition, and get the correct replacements of your tyres.

When choosing Navan you will arrive at a one-stop shop for all your tyre needs. With an extensive range for tyres for many makes and models, we can also provide additional services to ensure you're tyres treat you with a safe and smooth drive. 

These service include:

  • Wheel Balancing & Tracking 
  • Computerised 4 Wheel Alignment 
  • Alloy wheel repairs

Law about car tyres

Generally on a front-wheel-drive car you'd hope for a minimum of 20,000 miles for front tyres, and double that for those on the rear. The legal minimum limit for tyre tread depth in Ireland is 1.6mm. This is because when the tread is low it will affect the tyre performance, particularly in wet weather gets worse as the tread wears down. The greater the wear to your tyres the worse its wet weather grip will be and can be the cause of a terrible accident. 

Navan Ford highly advise to check tyre tread depth more frequently once it reaches 3mm, and tyres should be replaced before their tread depth wears below 2mm. This is especially important if heading into autumn and winter months.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch or please see the graph below on safety treads sizes for your tyres.

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Inspect Monthly
Change Tyres
Legal limit, change immediately

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